Welcome to E-HOOKAH

Our company is 100% Australian owned and operated. E-Hookah is South Australia’s largest and most trusted brand of premium disposable electronic E-Hookah’s and is on track in becoming Australia’s first truly national brand of E-Hookahs.


We only use high-purity ingredients from sources we trust to formulate our E-Liquids. Since it is the E-liquid that you vape, it is vital for us to know exactly what our E-liquid contains. We assess our vapour for its quality as a liquid, as a flavour and in combination with every kind of E-Hookah.


Our technology delivers equal amounts of vapour every time. The electronics, mechanics and E-Liquids in E-Hookah’s work in harmony to deliver a consistent vapour.


Our attention to detail and passion to create the perfect taste for you means our range of flavours are at the highest quality. You can trust each of our E-Liquid flavours to taste exactly as we intended.